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    Location heat press machine in printing press

        In the printing industry, many different types of printers, but the method of classification are also different. Typically, the press can be classified according to the type of imprint, plate type, paper type, paper format, print color number, printing and other familiar.

        And our company's semi-automatic duplex shaking his head heat press machine, belong to imprint type points. What is the impression type of printer? Form printing press and the pressure plate forms part of both lithographic type and roller type two, which will be different combinations of various forms part of the plate and the pressure can get platen-type printing presses, round pressure Flat round round pressure presses and presses.

        Of course, we do not belong to the circle of heat transfer machine press pressure round, round round pressure presses the plate is on the cylindrical drum, and the impression cylinder of the roll, the printing is completed in under pressure. As a result of this press plate cylinder continuously rotating structure, so called web presses. Its high printing speed, steady east London, is suitable for high-volume printing, it is a major modern printing equipment. However, much higher than our semi-automatic duplex shaking his head heat press machine price, small and medium enterprises in general and do not select circle round pressure presses.

    According to the type of plate to points, can be divided into letterpress printing, offset printing presses, gravure printing presses and plates

        Graphic plate surface is divided into two parts with blank. Punch presses is the use of high and low position to distinguish different graphic and blank lithographic printing press using a chemical method, that is, the principle of ink repulsion before inking the plate, make the margin of the first water roller water, then so that graphic at the inking. Lithographic printing ink is usually printed on the first blanket cylinder and then transferred from the blanket cylinder to the substrate, therefore, also known as offset. Press orifice plate having the shape of a mesh, the ink under pressure through the drain in the cell above the substrate, to complete printing, screen printing machine generally.

        There are classified according to the type of paper behind, but our heat press machine is not printed on the paper surface, at least we will not do. Our heat press machine is generally printed on t-shirts, mugs and other crafts them.
    Single sheetfed presses is the bearer of a certain size. When the printing paper from the input section sent one by one to complete the printing of this point with our heat press machine is not the same, and we generally need to print something needs fixing, easy to heat transfer technology, in fact, the principle of all It is the same, but our different print media and object fills, the real process really say much different.

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