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    Matters to buy heat transfer machine should be noted

        Core components are heating plate heat transfer machine, so when choosing the focus on heat transfer machine. Upper and lower plate should be aluminum material, and the heat pipe is cast aluminum inside. As aluminum plate is slotted, and then attached to the top of the heat pipe will cause unnecessary energy consumption, use warming will slow, constant temperature difference and other shortcomings. The lower plate case iron or other materials, long-term work at high temperatures and pressures, would be easily deformed aging.

        According to a different area of ??the heating plate, upper and lower plates Jieyou weight standard, if too light, too thin, the heating plate will be easily deformed, affecting. Generally speaking, the greater the weight, the more reliable performance.

        Tang Hua on the board when pressed, and the lower plate should be absolutely parallel. If the test is close to the upper and lower plates bite can be separately placed in the four corners of a cardboard or other sheet-like resilient material objects, then pressing the handle until the upper and lower plates bite card after death, the cardboard pulling outwards you can know whether the formation of the upper and lower plates, the machine is qualified.

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