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    Service aim
    "Customer First, service-oriented", to provide quality customer service and first-class star.

    Service principle
    1, we provide our customers with quality service, customers call, always ready for customers, and customers in the appointment on time arrived at the scene and quickly deal with the problem, so that customers in the shortest time to resume production.
    2, we opened the service lines, professional technicians to customers quickly ruled out any technical problems, you are welcome at any time to exchange advice.
    3, if the quality of the machine in the warranty period caused by damaged parts, we give free warranty, if any part of warranty damage, in order to ensure your production, we can provide parts for their use until the original parts repaired so far.
    4, customers of the company made any complaint or complaints, we will carefully listened attentively, and within 48 hours of receiving the complaint is resolved, give you a satisfactory reply.
    5, to carry out follow-up service for our customers, through occasional service, we went to the site to provide users with professional and technical guidance, technical exchanges face to face, so that customers of the equipment commissioning, repair and maintenance deeper. We continue to collect customer opinions and listen to the voice of the customer, to make up for our lack of work for the future to better provide you with first-class quality of service. 

    Service concept
    We continue to provide after-sales service star, now we have aftermarket technicians 4, with a variety of service resources, excellent technical service and have the expertise and honest attitude. We will be careful, meticulous, professional and thoughtful attitude to customer service, welcome customers more valuable advice, make your comments, so that we continue to improve and create a better future.
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